WAVE TO US ON YOUR WAY TO THE TOP: release July 31st out on Vinyl and as a download


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COEM (short for Coin Operated Entertainment Machine) mixes melody with a healthy dose of experiment and went through several metamorphoses over the years. While a lofi pop approach was typical for their early days, the band would soon address their jazz influences. This resulted in their typical layered sound and characteristic song structures. As a teaser for their new studio album (their 6th already!) that will be released on the 30th of July, they bring you this exceptional compilation covering all 5 COEM albums from the period 2000-2008. This collection was compiled by journalist Dirk Steenhaut, radio producer Zjakki Willems and label manager Luc Waegeman. Not only are these gentlemen experts in their respective occupations, they are also most loyal fans of the band. Each one of them has a singular history with COEM. The band members are proud to present the result of this collaboration which is nothing more -nor less- than a sincere time document for any of you that wants to savour the music of COEM.